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Upstate History Alliance

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FOC Newsletter, Chairman’s Letter, Spring 2007

We are experiencing a full blown Nor’easter today with 40 mile an hour winds and three inches of rain. I drove up to the Veterans Highway overpass and once again the road runoff is flowing directly into the river. On the bright side, we did receive letters from the New York Governor’s office and the Department of Transportation saying that they would investigate further.

The biggest news at the Preserve relates to the presence of Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis (IPN), a highly contagious viral disease of young fish of the salmonid species. The disease, most characteristically, occurs in rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout, and Atlantic and Pacific salmon. If you will pardon the science lesson, the disease is transmitted via feces, sexual fluids and urine. Transport water that is infected, as well as contaminated nets, containers, and other equipment are often to blame, although the virus can be transported and excreted by fish-eating birds and mammals. The disease has a wide geographical distribution; it occurs in most, if not all, major salmon farming countries of North and South America, Europe, and Asia. It mostly occurs under intensive rearing conditions in hatcheries or in post-smolt Atlantic salmon in sea-cages. Susceptibility decreases with increasing age; fry or fingerlings reach complete resistance to clinical disease in about four months. The first sign of an outbreak in salmonid fry is usually a sudden and progressive increase in daily mortalities in the hatchery, particularly in the faster-growing individuals. Other evidence includes a corkscrewing, spiral, or whirling swimming motion; darkening pigmentation; pronounced distended abdomen and pale gills. Hemorrhages are sometimes present in ventral areas, including ventral fins. The remedies include destruction of the infected fish or strict isolation of the outbreak by controlling fish movement and human traffic. Other measures include reduction of the population density, thorough cleaning and disinfection of hatchery, and proper carcass disposal (incineration or lime pit). All these steps will be employed by the DEC and the Preserve staff. For a more thorough review please look at, the source of the above information.

We are anxiously awaiting receipt of the next generation of plans for the restoration of the Mill and will be meeting with an acclaimed preservation architect on the restoration and conversion of the ice house into a library and document storage center. Spring is in the air, so visit the Preserve: go fishing, ride a horse, go for a jog, enjoy the bird life, witness the spring growth on the trees. We are so very fortunate to have this amazing resource at our doorstep.

Richard Remmer

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