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The Friends are proud of the support from the foundations whose links appear below. The capacity building grants they have awarded us will greatly help in strengthening our organization for the benefit of Connetquot River State Park Preserve:

The Robert D. L. Gardiner Foundation

New York State Council on the Arts

Parks & Trails New York

Upstate History Alliance

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FOC Newsletter, Chairman’s Letter, Spring 2010

As you know, NY State administrators have threatened to close several State parks on Long Island. First, Connetquot was earmarked to be closed on weekdays and only open on weekends.  Then, it was to remain on the winter schedule: close Monday and Tuesday, open Wednesday thru Sunday. I’m happy to report that thanks to the Long Island State Parks Fishing Advisory Board, which is donating the necessary funds, the preserve will remain open according to its regular schedule.  Nevertheless, we need to encourage Governor Paterson and the NY legislature to agree on a budget that does not require any parks to close and that provides sufficient funds for daily operation.  Please continue to put pressure on them to vote against all closures. The amount saved by closings is a very minimal part of the multi-billion dollar budget. These are OUR parks; we pay taxes and fees to support them. Show the State that we will not stand aside and let them be used as bargaining material.

Three new people have been inducted to serve on our Board of Trustees: Rita Trapani as Secretary and Aimee and Randolph Schmitt.  They are long-time supporters of the preserve and the Friends. We welcome them and look forward to a productive association.

On Saturday, March 27, the first of the Friends three lectures for 2010 was held. Gary Lawton, Regional Environmental Manager for the Parks Long Island Region, gave an exceptional presentation on the natural history of Connetquot State Park Preserve. He pointed out rare plants and wildlife that exist within the preserve. Some, we take for granted as we walk the paths.

The Board has been working diligently applying for grants to be used to continue restoration of the mill and other planned projects.

Speaking of the mill restoration, the State is resuming the restoration work.  Epoxy is being applied to address the beam damage caused by powder post beetles over the years. We are attempting to salvage as much of the original fabric of the mill, but we expect that some beams will have to be replaced with new ones.

No news on the hatchery. Ground water tests have been performed. However, no results have been released.

Signs of spring have begun. Ospreys have returned from their wintering locations, daffodils are in bloom, birds are beginning to pair off and nest. Please visit the park to enjoy the season.

Bob Labuski

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