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FOC Receives Grants!

The Friends are proud of the support from the foundations whose links appear below. The capacity building grants they have awarded us will greatly help in strengthening our organization for the benefit of Connetquot River State Park Preserve:

The Robert D. L. Gardiner Foundation

New York State Council on the Arts

Parks & Trails New York

Upstate History Alliance

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FOC Newsletter, Chairman's Letter, Summer 2012

Summer seems to be passing rapidly. The Friends are already preparing for the annual fall Gala. We are planning a different type of day, an old-fashioned country fair celebration. The country fair atmosphere will have music and entertainment based in the early 1900s that will amuse the whole family. It will also offer an excellent array of food from local restaurants that will satisfy the most discerning palates of young and adult guests. In acknowledgment of the present difficult economy, we've reduced the price of the Gala this year and I hope many of you will take advantage. You will find the details on Page 3; reserve early and come join the fun.

Requests for bids have been posted in local papers to alert contractors who may be interested in the restoration of the grist mill. Work is expected to begin in late August or early September. The first phase will consist of replacing or repairing existing damaged frame members, while also attempting to save as much of the original wood as possible. Roofing, siding, doors and windows will be tackled in the next phase as additional funds are obtained. On June 16th the Friends submitted another application for a New York State Coordinated Funding grant for this purpose and also for part of the Hatch House renovation.

I'm happy to say that some progress has been made in our efforts to restore operations at the hatchery. The DEC has agreed to allow raising eggs in the existing hatch house, using ground water, and then raising hatched fingerlings in the existing raceways, providing that they test disease free. Drilling of a new well and installing a pump will be possible soon if we succeed with the above-mentioned grant.

Please remember to attend the lecture on September 22nd. We want to share with you the latest news about the Grist Mill Restoration and the Hatch House renovation as well as the Friends' vision for the future of these historic structures.

The Friends are working on adding a new turtle viewing area in the preserve at Deep Water Pond Bridge, just north of the hatchery. Several species of turtle make their home in Connetquot and can be seen sometimes sunning themselves on a log or at the pond's edges. A very diligent committee headed by George Remmer is arranging to have a timber raft strategically installed at said site for the use of the turtles and the viewing pleasure of visitors. A sign will also be erected there with relevant information about turtles. Remember to look for these interesting animals during your visits to the hatchery area. New natural encounters at Connetquot are always possible if we keep a sharp eye. Preserve Manager, Gil Bergen, has also arranged to have the artesian-well area in the hatchery revamped. With a nice bench in place and relevant signage, this also is a wonderful spot for relaxing and spying all sorts of creatures going about their natural business.

I will again conduct a photo workshop for beginners on October 13th. A brief talk and PowerPoint presentation will be followed by a walk in the Preserve to photograph the fall colors. I will be available to answer questions and assist with composition and lighting. A wide angle lens is recommended for landscapes. Also bring a tripod if you have one.

By now you have received our Midyear Appeal. We have only two appeals per year and over six-hundred members. I trust many of you will consider giving our projects your full support with a contribution. Together, we can accomplish great things.

Bob Labuski

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