Dr. Richard Steinberger

In Memorium: Dr. Richard Steinberger

Eulogy for a Rock

To those who knew him, he was a rock in many ways. He was, at times, immovable.

He was a staunch believer in sensible conservation, A devoted supporter of this Park, And an adamant believer in its fishery. He was resolute in how to preserve and conserve.

His knowledge of our sportwas vast and distinctive. As a dedicated fly fisher and talented fly tyer, His techniques were without compromise, As were many of his attitudes about our craft.

Since he was a physician, and I, a scientist, We talked about health, especially as his began to fail. His views in this regard were just as resolute. I am glad my views most often coincided with his. When they differed, it was like two mountains immovably facing each other.

Despite all of this, this Rock had a soft side. He gave his all to The Friends of Connetquot and Idle Hour Fly Fishers. He, in many ways, enlivened both groups, And made them more than they would have been without him.

He had a sense of humor that was wry and often understated. He and I often compared punchlines of stories we both knew. Although the breadth of his humor and foolishness was all inclusive, He suffered fools badly.

He gave away much more than he was given. I know this because I was one of his recipients. I wish I could have given him more. But he knew what we didn’t: his time was short.

Now, he is gone. All we have left is our memories and this rock. It is a poor substitute for Richard Steinberger. It will, however, memorialize him for years to come, Even after we all are gone. And THAT is good!

I miss you, my friend.

Robert J. Porcelli, Ph.D.
In Memoriam
Richard “Doc” Steinberger, M.D.


Dr. Richard Steinberger